Episode 10: 10 Ham 10 Steak

Episode 10: 10 Ham 10 Steak
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Hosts: elizabeth leafcrunch, Lydia
Premiered: February 18, 2016

It’s the tenth ham!! Thanks for sticking with us, friends!

This week: PM travels unexpectedly with an unexpected window. Rose discovers the meteor situation is suspiciously well-organized. Hussie makes a Gushers joke but it’s in pretty bad taste. We warned you about stairs, bro. Pages 2770 to 2809.
Also this week, but with bullet points:

The ominous console Rose stumbles upon.
Hypergothic architecture in a dark kingdom. In the cathedral rather than the eyeliner sense. [note: this link is lost to time]
We go on, like, a ten-minute tangent about the attention spans and orthographic pragmatics of digital natives.

Next week is Episode 11! In which the Gushers jokes are by and large less offensive, Rose engages with ectobiology, Jade engages with her grandfather, and we meet a surly carapace person who looks awfully familiar. 2810 to 2879.

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Intro music: “Showtime (Original Mix)” – Malcolm Brown
Outro music: “Showtime (Piano Refrain)” – Malcolm Brown, arranged and performed by Kevin Regamey
Both from Homestuck Vol 1-4, listen and purchase on Bandcamp!
Homestuck, as always, is created by Andrew Hussie.