Episode 5 – Don’t Google Winkshipping

Episode 5 – Don’t Google Winkshipping
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Hosts: Aury, Matt
Premiered: September 13, 2016

Your favourite fools are here, and Elite Full Restore is back with an episode that is definitely too long! This was recorded before CoroCoro, we’ll get to that next time.

  • There has been way too many Sun/Moon “leaks” and they’re all fake and bad
  • Matt talks about the anime and Aury doesn’t care
  • Aury is confident we will destroy our enemies in the Brotherhood Without Manners
  • “I love all Pokémon” Earlier that day, “I don’t care for Tornadus-Therian”
  • Sudowoodo is a fake bitch
  • Aury reminisces about the Wild West that was old-time Pokemon tourneys
  • Babbytron > Cybertron
  • Soliciting for Griffin McElroy’s address so we can give him a type chart
  • Why record a podcast when you could be out catching Pokémon creatures?
  • Guzma and the Slav Squat
  • The Daily Vape: Episode 2

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As always, thanks Bulbapedia, see you all soon <3

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