37 – The Tip of the Shitty, Shitty Iceberg

37 – The Tip of the Shitty, Shitty Iceberg
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Hosts: Alex, Matt Burger, Stephanie
Premiered: April 7, 2019

You’re gonna want to sit down for this new episode, but make sure you finish wiping your ass first (straight men you’re on thin fucking ice). This week we’re discussing season 3 episode 7, Drama Queens, and we have a special guest! Friend of the show Matt (not to be confused with boyfriend of the show and Noisespace overlord Matt) is joining us to talk about Viagra, shitstains, and a very funny gif from Showgirls. You’re gonna love it! Unless you really like the art style of JoJo, in which case you might not like some of what we have to say.

Where to find Matt: nowhere, forget you even asked