48 – Time to Le

48 – Time to Le
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Hosts: Alex, elizabeth leafcrunch, Stephanie
Premiered: July 28, 2019

CW: a storyline in this week’s episode features a lot of transphobia, which we discuss multiple times throughout the recording

Things you’re not gonna learn from this episode of CGMD because you already know them to be true: Mega Lopunny is the sluttiest pokemon and transphobia sure wasn’t any less bad in the year 2000. Things you WILL learn from this episode of CGMD: the technical definition of a pond, Alex’s feelings on chicken welfare, and the possible meaning of “brown sauce.” Anyway, season 3 episode 18, Cock a Doodle Doo!, was absolute dog shit, so thankfully we’re joined by amazing friend of the show alex leafcrunch to make everything better. Time to le!

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