36 – Either DM Me Or Hit My Line Bro I Got Loud I’m Tryna Reach Immortality

36 – Either DM Me Or Hit My Line Bro I Got Loud I’m Tryna Reach Immortality
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Hosts: Fallon, Roy
Premiered: February 4, 2020

It’s February, and it’s time for us to Do the Dew (arc). We read chapters 28 and 29! Wei Wuxian’s on his gremlin shit again, so we can leave him to do that while we talk about bad drink luck, the 3 things you GOTTA know about cultivators, and how this entire novel is a D&D campaign. Also we get introduced to ancient Chinese vampire times’ #1 yeeked-up celebrity goodboy! Feel free to listen over a nice dish of beer nuts, or some whip cream, if you prefer.

Take part in our Valentine’s Day special! Write a little “fan fiction” and put that trademark Podrecesses twist on it and we’ll read it! RULES HERE:
1) Between 100 and 1,000 words
2) Rated T For Teen or under
3) Doesn’t have to be romantic but should focus on a relationship of some type. No weird ships but we trust you know better than that
4) Run it through Google Translate using a language of your choice. Then use our friend Google to translate it back into English.
5) Send both the original and the result, as well as the language you used in your Content Creation, to [email protected] with the subject “Valentine’s” ! Deadline is 11:59pm on Monday, February 10th whatever time zone applies to you!

Intro: Carly Rae Jepsen – I Really Like You, arr. & perf. by Olivia Lin
Outro: Sebastian Yatra – Traicionera, perf. by Pedro Morales
Also used:
-Frederic Chopin – Nocturne in E-Flat, Op. 9, No. 2, perf. by James Galway

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