112 – Flora and Fauna Fanclub

112 – Flora and Fauna Fanclub
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Hosts: Jo, Sara SunhatZhenya, Val
Premiered: June 19, 2021

Hey, cool kids!

After a uhhhh 90 day retreat into the danger zone, HKIP is back to deliver our wacky verbal crimes via the power of RSS (real silly shit). Join Sara, Val, and John in the Flora and Fauna Fanclub (also, we talk about things)!

Topics this week:
Joe Biden: trans ally? (no)
Anti-trans bills
What is pipehitting?
Independence Day
Justin Trudeau Retire Bitch
Best in Show Winner Wasabi (cryptid)
Flora and Fauna

DIY Crafts
Post 10

Featuring: Sara, Val, and John who also edited.

Intro: The Taxpayers – Evil Men
Outro: Kamala Harris – Don’t Cum (sic)
Secret Outro: Eugene Levy and Catherine O’Hara – Terrier Things

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