75 – A Boy Mystery

75 – A Boy Mystery
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Hosts: Fallon, Kay, Roy
Premiered: July 27, 2021

“Loyalty” arc? More like “BOYalty” arc! Professional Boy Enjoyer Kay of Special Grade Snax joins us this time to read chapters 83 and 84! Our nice wet friend Mr. Wen gets a zombie birthday, Jiang Cheng goes to Pride, Lan Wangji gives Wei Wuxian (platonic) uppies, and all of the juniors be on they damn phones. Also, we take a look at the newest season 3 donghua trailer, where the coffee is excellent, the bussy game is ridiculous, and the little guys go around on their tricycles. Jiggy says Gaa Goo in it so it’s the best one so far.

Intro: Carly Rae Jepsen – I Really Like You, arr. & perf. by Olivia Lin
Outro: Lady Gaga – Born This Way, arr. & perf. by Claire Holdich
Also used: Frederic Chopin – Nocturne in E-Flat, Op. 9, No. 2, perf. by James Galway

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