Episode 49 – Oppa Watson Style

Episode 49 – Oppa Watson Style
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Hosts: János, Val
Premiered: July 14, 2022

I could’ve sworn there was already an episode titled Oppa Something Style, but apparently this is the first one! János returns to watch and discuss Elementary’s season 3 premiere, Enough Nemesis to Go Around. Speaking of, Joan has obtained a nemesis in this episode, named either Ilana, or Elena, or Elana, depending on when in the podcast episode Val is pronouncing it. Join Val and János in taking a moment of silence to imagine a bird on a leash, looking at some of the worst facial hair on Johnny Lee Miller, and advocating for Karen rights. We eat a loooot of cereal as we guess that surely The Elementary Kidz don’t solve this one, and surely Joan and Sherlock are broken up forever! Also featured: improvements on the perfect crime, and a very illuminating DVD box cover János found at the library.

János (he/they) @corruptversion

Intro song by Noah Geist

Outro song is Watching the Detectives by Elvis Costello

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