Episode 41 – Ears: Two, Ew!

Val is joined this week by fellow Zero to Zero host Sam, host of podcasts such as Kyle X Why? and Juergen It, who may have usurped Sherlock's position as #1 detective in the world while watching this episode. This week we watched Season 2 episode 17 of Elementary, Ears To You. Val and Sam discuss Val's intentions to take over as editor and contributor to the Sherlock fan wiki, commiserate over the terrible customer service provided by the kidnappee help line, and contemplate the himbo-bozo continuum. Don't worry, there are male chickens in this episode, but we would never…

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Episode 40 – Richard Balsille

Vague SPOILERS for the movie Mother at 1:28:15. This week, Val is joined by their fellow Zero to Zero host Giga to discuss Season 2 Episode 16, The One Percent Solution. I hope you like dick jokes, because this week Sherlock adopts some former-cockfighting cocks and encounters a guy named Dick Balsille, which sounds like Dick Ball Seal. Val and Giga get a little excitable with the blue wordplay, as Val also learns that the Grand Tetons are a mountain range named after boobs. But! We also discuss things like Themes, and character development, and how much we think Gareth…

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Episode 39 – Sex Laws and Phone Crimes

Val is joined by Morg, of Digimon Ghost Gays, Sonic Shuffle, Departure Lounge, and the 0079 series of Wow!! Cool Robot!!, to discuss how COOL and STRAIGHT Sherlock Holmes is. He's hetero and has sex with women this episode!!! We watched Elementary Season 2 Episode 15, Corpse de Ballet. It's a bit of wordplay since this episode is about dancers, one of whom is a little spicier than the others (though it is inconclusive if he is spicy enough to hang dong for the lonely housewives of New Jersey). We also meet some guys who just really suck this week.…

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Episode 38 – Martin Luther’s 69th Thesis

Nice, that's the weed number! This week, who better to guest on LMNOP, which is a podcast, than János, the podcasting fiend? Val is joined by the host of Who Watches the Watch, Lynchpin, Tintintin-Tin Tin-Tintin, Kvothe Killer Chronicles, The Age of Podz, A Song of Babys and Puppys, and probably some more I forgot to add, János to discuss season 2 episode 14 of Elementary, Dead Clade Walking. János teaches Val German words, which seem to basically just be English words, and discusses how second-wave feminism and nonbinary identity have affected the German language. We also talk about Dwayne…

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Episode 37 – Handless Bobby

This week, Val and new friend of the show Argyle, of Kamurocho Radio and Pod of Greed, discuss All in the Family season 2 episode 13, Christmas Day at the Bunkers'. This week, Archie is depressed because he did not get his usual Christmas bonus. How will the family cheer him up? ...Just kidding, this is LMNOP, so we're talking about Elementary! Season 2 episode 13 of Elementary is called All in The Family. We meet a lot of mob guys this week, who are really smart and good at encrypting emails and opening hot dog buns. We also learn…

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Episode 36 – Concession (Stand)s Have Been Made

The hiatus is over, and we're back! The podcast has changed lineup a little bit, but it is still about simping over Lucy Liu and admiring Johnny Lee Miller's acting abilities. This week, Val and guest Jo discuss season 2 episode 12, The Diabolical Kind. This episode features the evil (or is she?) mastermind of Moriarty, so we're in for lots of twists and twurns as always. It's laundry day, and we have on our best dress shirt and swim trunks on to go on yet another failed True Romantix date. Also discussed are attempts to answer the questions of…

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Episode 35 – Give That a Taste, Bud

Are you Randy?? Or maybe Gay? Even if you're just a Guy, no matter what your name is you will love this episode of LMNOP! Alec and Val are back, with a short cameo from Balto, who has been up to adorable dog shenanigans since last episode. This week, we watched Season 2 Episode 11 of Elementary, Internal Audit. Discussions are hard-pressed to stay on topic this week as we discuss hubba bubba bubble gum, our experiences with mild internet fame, and what Sherlock might change his name to if he married Joan. Val's best guess is John Watson. Intro…

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Episode 34 – One Bad Slorp and She Do What I Organ

There's a furry friend amogus! Is it a baby? Is it a puppy? No, it's a tigey! Val and Alec welcome a hilarious guest this week, Sara @sunhatzhenya! We discuss Season 2 Episode 10 of Elementary, Tremors. Sherlock is doing some light perjury, but Sara is very honest with us about her anime-watching, her history of having been bonked on the head, and her story of buying and losing a $19 DVD as a child on vacation. Did you know Elementary and Columbo have a lot in common? Sara knew! Intro (and outro!) song by Noah Geist Join our discord!

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Episode 33 – Laerge Lermins

Huggin' on laerge lermins is what you need to make lerminade. That's what Granpappy taught us! This week, Val and Alec watched Season 2, Episode 9 of Elementary, On the Line. This episode we welcome you to Hollywood, then do not talk about Hollywood for the rest of the time. We do discuss Det. Vampire Jerry, who sucks, as well as Lucas Bunsch, a normal guy who says normal and not serial killer-y things. Intro song by Noah Geist Outro song is Watching the Detectives by Elvis Costello Join our discord!

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LMNOP is Going Biweekly!

This isn't really an episode, it's an announcement: we're switching to biweekly! (That's every other week, not twice a week.) The marble needs some more time to roll, so we will see you next Monday with the usual Sherlock & Joan and Val & Alec shenanigans.

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