Episode 39 – Sex Laws and Phone Crimes

Episode 39 – Sex Laws and Phone Crimes
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Hosts: Morg, Val
Premiered: November 17, 2021

Val is joined by Morg, of Digimon Ghost Gays, Sonic Shuffle, Departure Lounge, and the 0079 series of Wow!! Cool Robot!!, to discuss how COOL and STRAIGHT Sherlock Holmes is. He’s hetero and has sex with women this episode!!! We watched Elementary Season 2 Episode 15, Corpse de Ballet. It’s a bit of wordplay since this episode is about dancers, one of whom is a little spicier than the others (though it is inconclusive if he is spicy enough to hang dong for the lonely housewives of New Jersey). We also meet some guys who just really suck this week. Just some dudes you hate to see. Sherlock’s fanboy status threatens to jeopardize the case, or maybe strengthen it, Joan goes on her own B plot detective story, and Bell is there as well. Love me some Bell and Morg confirms that Marcus Bell is, in fact, handsome.

Morg (they/them) @Hauntingthemorg

Intro song by Noah Geist

Outro song is Watching the Detectives by Elvis Costello

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