Gay Friends Chainsaw Dog Sanctuary

Ep.6 – She’s Doonstairs

Kept you waiting, huh? We're wrapping up our season Totally On Schedule, talking about the show and definitely not gender awakenings or what life would be like if candy came in cans. Saw you next time!

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Ep.5 – Water Over A Turtle

This time we're spending way too much time talking about turtles and fast food. Understand that at least ten minutes of discussion about hot sauce was cut. Denji needs to take gabapentin to go to the vet.

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Ep.4 – Ghost Devil Please Call Me

THIS EPISODE CONTAINS MENTIONS OF VOMIT, SUBSTANCE ABUSE, AND SEXUAL PREDATION. PLEASE LISTEN WITH CAUTION. Also contains Willow eating a big bite of cereal, the official (?) Unpopularity Poll, and a little beast with gender.

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Ep.3 – The Math Devil

Episode Notes CONTENT WARNING: in this episode we discuss grooming in some detail as it occurs within the show, as well as issues with smoking and other substance abuse. Please proceed with caution. We're also tackling the concept of Sara's degree, what goes faster than a horse, and Power's career mobility!

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Ep.1 – Pochita’s In This One

Episode Notes Join Ash, Willow, and Sara as they venture into Pochita's Sanctuary and learn about snail parasites, nut transplants, The Nature Of Fear, and sea cucumbers in episodes 1 & 2 of the Chainsawman anime!

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