Episode 3 – Yugi Moto Mimikyu

Episode 3 – Yugi Moto Mimikyu
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Hosts: Aaron Zheng, Aury, Matt
Premiered: July 16, 2016

Welcome back to everyone’s favourite Pokémon podcast, actually posting an episode two weeks after the previous one! We’re professional, guys!!

  • We started with an in-depth interview with National’s commentator Aaron Zheng (@CybertronVGC) who makes us look smart then makes us look dumb for the rest of the episode with our shenanigans
  • Drampa definitely vapes
  • The thing about Kiteruguma (Bewear) is that him hug
  • Aaron relates the joy of meeting everyone cool gamer grandpa, Shigeru Miyamoto
  • Matt gets mad about the implications of Corrosion
  • The international scene gives hope about the state of the VGC metagame
  • A Mimikyu imitates Aaron’s favourite Halloween costume to win his love
  • Aaron’s opinion gets overridden, Team Instinct forever
  • Matt manages to make an ass of himself pronouncing Hawaiian

As promised, here is a guide to Pokémon Go from Reddit. Don’t forget to subscribe, and leave us a good review!

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