39 – Tastes Awful, But it Works!

39 – Tastes Awful, But it Works!
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Hosts: Alex, Sara SunhatZhenya, Stephanie
Premiered: April 28, 2019

We knew you were thinking it – CGMD just doesn’t talk about cum enough. We heard your thoughts and we’re here to fix the problem. For the occasion, we’ve brought in our good friend and regular guest Sara! The episode of the week is season 3 episode 9, Easy Come, Easy Go, where Charlotte masters her psychic powers, Samantha gets a mouthful of garbage juice, and we go down to flavour town with some nuanced discussions about everyone’s favourite bodily fluid. Meanwhile, Carrie’s plot is so bad that you’re gonna wish we were talking about cum instead. I wish I was joking, Carrie is awful.

Sara’s twitter: @SunhatZhenya