25 – Sect Leader Rollins

25 – Sect Leader Rollins
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Hosts: Fallon, Roy
Premiered: October 21, 2019

(sorry about some of the audio toward the start of the episode “sometimes it just be like that”)

We’re back, folks, and we’re officially beginning our extended deep dive into the novel that spawned a thousand confusing adaptations! Chapters 1-5, “Prologue,” “Reincarnation,” and “Aggression–Parts I-III,” take us through everything that makes up a Jin Guangshan adventure, deny Mo Xuanyu iPad, and see our dearest dirtiest boy Wei Wuxian committing to the bit, for better or worse. It’s the genius’s way.

Intro: Carly Rae Jepsen – I Really Like You, arr. & perf. by Olivia Lin
Outro: Black Flag – TV Party; arr. by Roy

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