41 – Joth Supremacy

41 – Joth Supremacy
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Hosts: Fallon, Roy
Premiered: May 20, 2020

On this very special occasion of Nie Huaisang’s birthay, we read chapter 37, “Grasses–pt. V,” so you KNOW we’re talking Jokey’s Trick, a new universal dad, and Don Juan DeMarco (1994). Also Fallon revs their damn Fire Emblem engine, and Roy flexes her encyclopedic Wayne’s World knowledge (again). Song Lan rules dude

Intro: Tyga ft. Xiaoyu Lu Archive & Microsoft Sam – Yi City, arr. by Roy
Outro: White Zombie – More Human Than Human, arr. by Roy
Also used:
-MDZS Audio Drama OST – Trials of the Troubled Swan

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