Episode 17 – Oops! All Geneticists!

Episode 17 – Oops! All Geneticists!
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Hosts: Alec, Val
Premiered: October 26, 2020

This episode, Balto finally speaks his mind! He’s not just a background character of LMNOP, he has things to say, and this week he says them. We watched Elementareep Season 1 Episode 17, Possibility Two. Joan has finally started to embrace the detective life, and Sherlock has plenty of Holmeswork to help her learn more. She’s reading, she’s learning single stick, she’s… taking his sweaters to the dry cleaner? It’s all part of learning to be a detective. Alec and Val took any and every opportunity to sing and be stupid this week, and we introduced some new faces to the LMNOP discord.

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disclaimer: if you’re unfamiliar with dogs like Val was when they met Balto, please don’t be worried about his barking. Huskies are just notoriously “vocal,” aka he loves to complain.