Elite Full Restore

Episode 10 – Underflows and Moonsaults

Hey! It’s Elite Full Restore! Yes we still exist, and with our 10th episode we’re officially a real podcast. This is mostly a clearing-house of old questions and a rundown of the last month, to prepare for the little content gulf we can expect in the near future. What, will we actually have to make jokes? Competitive is fun to watch if you recognize the players, who knew?? Mega Pidgeot as Billie Joe Armstrong We conclusively prove that the GTS is, still to this day, complete bullhonkey Pokémon Red and Blue are held together with duct tape Starmie’s Alola Vacation…

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Episode 9 – Blabla Dodo

Elite Full Restore is back for the new year and yet again we’ve brought a guest, we’re joined this week by Zane (@epengu) to talk Fakemon, Smash Bros and generally to give us a hard time. The Wild West of Early Internet Pokemon Fandom Zane blankets the entire podcast with callouts of EZBoard, Miyamoto, Postgame of Thrones, his own brother and, of course, us Fear and loathing in the Smogon OverUsed tier Mother 3 is never coming to the West and we all need to expect it no Aury I’m not letting you put that in the show notes Matt…

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Episode 8 – Zed Moves, Cheats, and the Suck

Elite Full Restore is BACK after a wait pretty much as long as the last one. Sun and Moon are here, but we’re just in it for the goofs. First up, join us on Discord! General discussion area, a place to put questions where we won’t lose them and we have a Fat Pikachu emoji VGC San Jose regionals report! Matt manages to mispronouce San Jose Your monthly “competitive Pokémon could be better” discussion Don’t miss a bunch of events! There’s currently FOUR, check Mystery Gift on WiFi on both current and last gen games, and enter the code ARCEUS20…

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Episode 7 – Young Farfetch’d Rides Again

Well folks! We definitely didn’t get the next episode sooner! Herein, we discuss three rounds of news, a demo, the leak of the entire game’s files and also Lickitung’s ball handling. Pokémon Sun and Moon are imminent! Answering a bunch of age-old questions like “will they reveal the starter evolutions” and “What is the NX?!” several weeks late, fuck, sorry Aury vapes through Matt’s entire rapid-fire Pokémon Go update Matt rants about Nintendo’s terrible accounts system again Buy a 3DS if you haven’t yet, they’re going on $AAAAALE! Our Pokémon hopes for the Switch (which we keep calling NX) Them…

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Episode 6 – The Devil Went Down To Gamestop

Welcome back! Elite Full Restore returns after an awkwardly long absence fuelled by poor planning. We are joined this time by Patrick Scarborough (@RiotScarizard) for part of our episode to talk nonsense as usual. New news is TOMORROW so hopefully we’ll get the next episode out sooner! We love garbage and being garbage and broadcasting garbage A million dogs shitpost in the desert Aury buys a Metallica album in a Monster Rancher Quest Patrick asks for a gorilla, we give him an Oranguru (biologists hate them!) We discuss community-organized bans/tiering in competitive Pokémon and determine that it’s all stupid We…

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Episode 5 – Don’t Google Winkshipping

Your favourite fools are here, and Elite Full Restore is back with an episode that is definitely too long! This was recorded before CoroCoro, we’ll get to that next time. There has been way too many Sun/Moon “leaks” and they’re all fake and bad Matt talks about the anime and Aury doesn’t care GARY WAS HERE – ASH IS A LOSER Aury is confident we will destroy our enemies in the Brotherhood Without Manners “I love all Pokémon” Earlier that day, “I don’t care for Tornadus-Therian” Sudowoodo is a fake bitch Aury reminisces about the Wild West that was old-time…

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Episode 4 – Alolan Sandshrew, Canadian Icon

Welcome back to the long-absent Elite Full Restore! We swear this isn’t supposed to be a monthly podcast. So much for professional! Aury calls out the grandma of a competing Pokémon podcast host Alolan Exeggutor and all haters need to meet us in the thunderdome We Love Smash Bros Jigglypuff Aury hits us up with the sweet Gamestop lifehacks A brief look into recent Pokémon leaks Matt talks about a Fakemon he thought up, linked below Pokémon Go Ain’t Loyal Aury wants Abra to represent them in a court of law Niantic please hire us as community managers don’t look…

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Episode 3 – Yugi Moto Mimikyu

Welcome back to everyone’s favourite Pokémon podcast, actually posting an episode two weeks after the previous one! We’re professional, guys!! We started with an in-depth interview with National’s commentator Aaron Zheng (@CybertronVGC) who makes us look smart then makes us look dumb for the rest of the episode with our shenanigans Drampa definitely vapes The thing about Kiteruguma (Bewear) is that him hug Aaron relates the joy of meeting everyone cool gamer grandpa, Shigeru Miyamoto Matt gets mad about the implications of Corrosion The international scene gives hope about the state of the VGC metagame A Mimikyu imitates Aaron’s favourite…

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Episode 2 – Groudon Groudon Everywhere

The second episode is up a solid 5 days after we recorded it. It’s a bit out of date! Bear with us, we’ll talk about yesterday’s revealed Pokémon soon. We discuss another set of new Pokémon Matt really likes the move Drill run, guys Aury continues to bitch about the competitive scene We discuss some of our favourite Fakemon, linked below Matt does his entire Pokémon Shuffle segment but forgot to record it so it’s missing but I swear to god I will murder Genius Sonority What is the Brexit Pokémon? Matt’s referenced Fakemon are Battrus and Claustic by JoshKH92,…

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Episode 1 – Rotom Pokédex Is My Son

The first episode of your new favourite Pokémon podcast is here! Hosted by Aury and Matt New Sun and Moon news! Our collective son, Rotom Pokédex, and what’s next for him and his kind The current VGC Metagame & how to make the game more accessible A Japanese poll ranked all the Pokémon and it’s complete bullshit and a truly horrible first question courtesy of “Brooks Oglesby“ Please visit us on the web: Twitter & Tumblr A Noise Space Podcast

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