Episode 006 – The Devil Went Down To Gamestop


Welcome back! Elite Full Restore returns after an awkwardly long absence fuelled by poor planning.  We are joined this time by Patrick Scarborough (@RiotScarizard) for part of our episode to talk nonsense as usual. New news is TOMORROW so hopefully we’ll get the next episode out sooner!

  • We love garbage and being garbage and broadcasting garbage
  • A million dogs shitpost in the desert
  • Aury buys a Metallica album in a Monster Rancher Quest
  • Patrick asks for a gorilla, we give him an Oranguru (biologists hate them!)
  • We discuss community-organized bans/tiering in competitive Pokémon and determine that it’s all stupid
  • We answer an incredible question about lending games, prison and the devil himself and spend several minutes poorly answering it
  • Rapid news: Volcanion coming October 10th to Gamestop/EB, Pokémon Bank update delayed, Pokemon Showdown was hacked (change your passwords!) & the Pokémon Go Plus is mostly not worth it
  • What if Counter was… good??
  • Fun trivia facts about burrowing owls
  • Fangames are cool, until they’re not
  • “Squizpillion has three questions for us this week!” “Oh god…”
  • WHICH ONE VAPES: We did it first edition


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Episode 005 – Don’t Google Winkshipping


Your favourite fools are here, and Elite Full Restore is back with an episode that is definitely too long! This was recorded before CoroCoro, we’ll get to that next time.

  • There has been way too many Sun/Moon “leaks” and they’re all fake and bad
  • Matt talks about the anime and Aury doesn’t care
  • Aury is confident we will destroy our enemies in the Brotherhood Without Manners
  • “I love all Pokémon” Earlier that day, “I don’t care for Tornadus-Therian”
  • Sudowoodo is a fake bitch
  • Aury reminisces about the Wild West that was old-time Pokemon tourneys
  • Babbytron > Cybertron
  • Soliciting for Griffin McElroy’s address so we can give him a type chart
  • Why record a podcast when you could be out catching Pokémon creatures?
  • Guzma and the Slav Squat
  • The Daily Vape: Episode 2

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As always, thanks Bulbapedia, see you all soon <3


Episode 004 – Alola Sandshrew, Canadian Icon


Welcome back to the long-absent Elite Full Restore! We swear this isn’t supposed to be a monthly podcast. So much for professional!

  • Aury calls out the grandma of a competing Pokémon podcast host
  • Alola Exeggutor and all haters need to meet us in the thunderdome
  • We Love Smash Bros Jigglypuff
  • Aury hits us up with the sweet Gamestop lifehacks
  • A brief look into recent Pokémon leaks
    Matt talks about a Fakemon he thought up, linked below
  • Pokémon Go Ain’t Loyal
  • Aury wants Abra to represent them in a court of law
  • Niantic please hire us as community managers don’t look at the previous bullet points

Links mentioned in the episode:

As usual, things have changed since we recorded and follow-ups will be in the next episode. Let us know how you feel about the looser format and if we missed anything you want us to cover, drop us a line at our social media.


Episode 003 – Yugi Moto Mimikyu


Welcome back to everyone’s favourite Pokémon podcast, actually posting an episode two weeks after the previous one! We’re professional, guys!!

  • We started with an in-depth interview with National’s commentator Aaron Zheng (@CybertronVGC) who makes us look smart then makes us look dumb for the rest of the episode with our shenanigans
  • Drampa definitely vapes
  • The thing about Kiteruguma is that him hug
  • Aaron relates the joy of meeting everyone cool gamer grandpa, Shigeru Miyamoto
  • Matt gets mad about the implications of Corrosion
  • The international scene gives hope about the state of the VGC metagame
  • A Mimikyu imitates Aaron’s favourite Halloween costume to win his love
  • Aaron’s opinion gets overridden, Team Instinct forever
  • Matt manages to make an ass of himself pronouncing Hawaiian

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Episode 002 – Groudon Groudon Everywhere


The second episode is up a solid 5 days after we recorded it. It’s a bit out of date! Bear with us, we’ll talk about yesterday’s revealed Pokémon soon.

  • We discuss another set of new Pokémon
  • Matt really likes the move Drill run, guys
  • Aury continues to bitch about the competitive scene
  • We discuss some of our favourite Fakemon, linked below
  • Matt does his entire Pokémon Shuffle segment but forgot to record it so it’s missing but I swear to god I will murder Genius Sonority
  • What is the Brexit Pokémon?

Matt’s referenced Fakemon are Battrus and Claustic by JoshKH92, while Aury goes to bat for Smogon CAP’s Syclant.

Also as promised, an EV Training Guide and a DexNav Guide.

We’ll be back again soon to discuss the flood of Pokémon from Friday, and to talk about how we feel about the various side-games.

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Episode 001 – Rotom Pokédex Is My Son


The first episode of your new favourite Pokémon podcast is here! Hosted by Aury and Matt

  • New Sun and Moon news!
  • Our collective son, Rotom Pokédex, and what’s next for him and his kind
  • The current VGC Metagame & how to make the game more accessible
  • A Japanese poll ranked all the Pokémon and it’s complete bullshit
  • and a truly horrible first question courtesy of “Brooks Oglesby

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